Reduce your exposure to retail chargeback penalties

Bender Group understands the ramifications of chargebacks and even the potential loss of business that comes with failing to adhere to the retail sectors’ stringent vendor compliance requirements. Our number one goal is to limit our client’s risk in this area by shipping on-time, accurate orders in accordance with retailers’ vendor compliance requirements and routing guides.

Under our vendor compliance program, the specific requirements that pertain to the shipment of goods are taken from the more extensive vendor compliance and routing guides for each retailer and are complied in a quick reference form. The quick reference forms are used by our Customer Logistics Representatives (CLRs) and warehouse employees to ensure compliance requirements are consistently met. Retailers further complicate the shipping process by continually updating and changing their vendor compliance instructions and routing manuals. However, Bender Group establishes clear processes for updating changes to vendor compliance and routing guides with our clients to diminish the chance for chargebacks to occur.

List of major retailers Bender Group ships to on a daily basis

AAFES Bed, Bath & Beyond O'Reillys Dick's Sporting Goods Pep Boys
Ace Harware Federated Stores QVC
Best Buy Walgreens Rite Aid
Circuit City GameStop Sam's Club
Costco Kmart Sears
CVS Kohl's Shopko
Fred Meyer Krogers Target
Home Depot Lowes Wal*Mart
AutoZone Macy's Whole Foods