International Services

Bender International, LLC offers international services including customs brokerage, freight forwarding1 and value-added solutions supported by expert consultation to help clients navigate a constantly evolving global supply chain. We engage with a network of trade partners domestically and worldwide to provide solutions designed to fit your needs.

As a validated member of U.S. Customs & Border Protection’s program, C-TPAT, Bender International supports supply chain security, protecting our borders and supporting the free flow of trade.

Bender International assists clients in negotiating the requirements for entry with CBP and other government agencies, helping to bring products to market faster and avoiding costly delays.

Customs Broker

• Classification
• Valuation
• Clearance
• Freight and Duty Management
• Drawback
• Protest
• Ruling Requests

Foreign Trade Zone

• Consultation
• Assessment
• Application
• Activation
• Boundary Modification
• Admission
• Compliance

Trade Consultation

• Compliance
• Cargo Insurance
• Trade Finance Support
• Landed Cost Analysis and Planning
• Supply Chain Security


1Bender International, LLC is a customs broker, licensed by U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Bender International, LLC is also registered as a truck broker with the FMCSA under the U.S. Department of Transportation.

When we organize trucking services on your behalf, we are acting solely as your agent to arrange the shipment. We are not acting as the motor truck carrier or transportation service provider.

Bender International, LLC is not a domestic or international freight forwarder. We work with freight partners who may provide domestic and international freight forwarding services via air and ocean. International shipment services, including OTI services as defined under the FMC regulations are provided by one of our freight partners and are not provided by Bender International, LLC. Our services are provided based upon the terms and conditions which are available for review upon request.