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Frank N Bender Center for Applied Logistics Management (CALM)

April 14, 2017: The ribbon cutting ceremony for the Frank N Bender Center For Applied Logistics Management (CALM) was held today at the TMCC Meadowood Campus. The ceremony was a very exciting moment for the advancement of logistics in Northern Nevada through the opening of CALM and the newly offered four year Bachelors of Applied Science degree at TMCC, which was made possible through the Bender family endowment.

The Center for Applied Logistics Management was named to honor the late Frank Bender, known as "the Dean of Distribution". Frank was a community leader in Northern Nevada. His significant contributions to the area helped foster and grow Reno, NV to be a premiere distribution hub on the west coast.

Frank's son, Chris Bender and current CEO of Bender Group along with his wife Priscilla, were at the ribbon cutting ceremony to speak in honor of his father and cut the ribbon with TMCC staff.

News coverage of the ribbon cutting: