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Bender Group is your S.A.F.E. Supply Chain Outsourcing Partner

Bender Group focuses on providing flexible logistics solutions, delivering excellent customer service and building partnerships with companies of all sizes to improve their supply chain networks, from raw materials to consumer delivery.

Bender Group is one of the most reliable and experienced third party logistics companies in North America with roots in the logistics demands of World War II. Founded in 1945, starting with a 60,000 square foot public warehouse in Reno, Nevada, Bender Group has responded to the evolution of the supply chain with an entrepreneurial spirit and emphasis on technology. Today, Bender Group is a full service Third Party Logistics (3PL) supplier, operating dedicated and multi-client distribution centers, a complete transportation network, and international logistics services. To learn more about what makes Bender Group a S.A.F.E. choice for all your supply chain needs… Read More


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Retail Logistics Services

Bender Group can help you reduce your exposure to retail chargeback penalties… Read More

E-Fulfillment Services

Bender Group has e-fulfillment and direct to consumer (D2C) solutions… Read More